Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finished... sort of.

As I seem to have neglected my blog for quite some time, I should probably ramble a bit more about what I've been doing as its coming to the end of semester II.
I've pretty much finished both of my main projects now, and have a fair bit of work to back up the outcomes of both. But still, I can't help but panic that I've done everything wrong when I look through it all again...
For one of my projects I wanted to generate some conceptual design for a race of characters based around a certain theme. I chose to go with a "deep-sea" sci fi setting, for a supposed game called "Abyssal". After digging through images of lobsters, squids and other gribblies I started to scribble some stuff down which ultimately led to three final designs of the different species of the 'abyssal' race, and a host of vehicles, weapons and architecture to support the imagery and feel of the race. Anyway, as talking about my doings isn't really my strong point, I'm just gonna show you guys some of the bits I've been working on for this project...

For the other project I looked into the merchandise available for games, and researched packaging for action figures and special edition game sleeves to produce some mock-up designs for both. As I have never really done anything like this before, I found it to be a bit of a challenge seeing as my mathematical ability is pretty much non-existent...
But anyway, I'm gonna show the final box-net designs for my figure boxes and special edition game sleeve, and hopefully on friday if all printing and sticking things to things goes well, I'll have some actual mock-ups made to show... Something will go wrong I'm sure of it.

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  1. I particularly like the green axe.
    It has an ethereal quality.