Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bat, bat, come under my hat

After a bit of thought I 've had a change of plan for my second semester projects. Initially I was gonna try and re-visit some of the areas I overlooked in the last GDD (mainly the mechanics of the game and alot of actual gameplay). But after thinking about what it is that I actually want in my portfolio, I should really be working to progress my strengths so I am able to show off to employers what I am actually good at, rather than wasting time worrying about the things I am not so good at.
Ultimately I want to be involved in the concept stages of the design process, mainly providing character and environment designs that project a certain feel and mood. I want to further my exploration of this aspect by firstly producing a series of maybe 5-10 character designs which I will then select 3 or 4 from to model in 3D. These models may only be a bust of the character, but seeing as I currently know very little about 3D modelling, it should still prove quite a challenge. I am also considering rigging one or two of the models so that I can possible put a few of my animation skills to use.
For the other project, I'd like to work on some environment designs, perticularly thinking about the use of colour and texture and how it affects the atmosphere of the piece (relating back to my report). Along wiht this I'd like to work on several display pieces showing my processes and work flow, which more than anything would just look pretty cool in my portfolio.
As for the 3D modelling side of things, I'm slowly picking up a few more things now, and hopefully soon I can try my hand at modelling some detailed characters, rather than just piecing boxes and shapes together. Tutorials on the internet have so far proved very helpful to me, and I know some of you other guys may be new to this kind of thing so here are a few (hopefully) helpful links:

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