Thursday, October 22, 2009

Game Document Project

To begin this project I started as I usually do, doodling some drawings until I hit an idea. Initially I was going to go with some kind of fantasy rpg, inspired by Mongolian tribes. I wanted to encorporate some kind of technology, that was powered in more of an arcane way by spirit energy, tho this quickly became a sci fi rpg with a kind of fantasy feel to it..or maybe the other way around? I don't know, but anyway, in an effort to not over-complicate things, I went with mechanics that resemble those from the popular Fable games, more of an rpg that you don't actually have to think about too much, making it more accessible to a wider audience.
Even though I thought this had made things a little easier, after recieving some feedback I realised that no matter how much its dumbed down, an rpg still has alot to think about, so perhaps I need to start thinking about specific aspects of the game, such as the way in which you obtain and allocate the different kinds of spirit energy. I also wanted the game to take a few different turns, for example the game starts where your character has been taken into slavery, and forced into mining work on a subterranean 'pit planet'. Your main goals for the first chunk of the game are to adapt to this situation then to set about making your escape, which you would ultimately achieve through a gladiatorial fighting event, which you can complete in either a good or evil way...
Anyway, I knocked out a few early character designs, I'm kinda happy with them but they still don't quite have the dark and gritty look I want, so next I'm gonna work on some characters for the 'Pit planets' and try to generate something a little darker.

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